Humpty the train trailer

Watch the video for a fun insight into some of our kids content!

Watch the trailer!

Kiddiestv is a delightful children’s platform featuring educational songs and nursery rhymes, along with fun and learning videos.
Join Baby Joy and his friends as they embark on enjoyable and relatable adventures, including going to various locations, playing, exploring, and learning.
With its stunning 3D animation and catchy tunes, Kiddiestv brings to life stories about activities that children worldwide will easily identify with.
The show goes beyond teaching preschoolers about letters, numbers, animal sounds, colors, and more.
It also imparts valuable life lessons that promote positive social behavior.
This provides parents with a wonderful opportunity to engage with their children, teaching and playing together while enjoying the show.
Have fun with some Kiddiestv Characters below!
Kiddiestv Characters